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Immutability and Governance


We've built Unicrow from the first principle of unstoppability and immutability. That means in particular:

  • The contracts cannot be stopped or "upgraded" (AKA replaced)
  • The escrow rules are immutable - no one can interfere in the payment and dispute flow beyond how it is defined, not even Unicrow governance
  • There are no white- or black-lists of addresses that can use the escrow or tokens that can be used in the escrow
    • Note: That also means users need to be cautious about which tokens they use in the escrow as Unicrow cannot block malicious behavior in the tokens used in the escrows
  • The protocol fee is hard-capped at 1%, even governance cannot set it above this level
  • All the fees are written in each of the escrow when it is created, i.e. no one - not the protocol's governance, or a 3rd party marketplace - can jack up the fees during the escrow's lifecycle

You can review the contracts source code at GitHub or Arbiscan or see the audit results which confirm these principles.


Currently, the contracts are under a Gnosis multisig governance (see details below). We will transition into direct DAO governance in the near future.

The important thing is, that neither current, nor future DAO governance can interfere with the immutable escrow rules. The governance body can change only the following parameters:

  • Protocol Fee (hard-capped at 1%)
  • Address where the protocol fee is sent
  • Addresses of crowRewards and protocolFeeRewards contracts
    • More details on what these addresses will be revealed later, but for now what matters is that changing these parameters cannot change the immutable rules of the escrow
  • Governance contract address - for the future transition to DAO governance

Our contract map shows this in a nice visual way.

Governance quorum and assembly

The current governance assembly consists of Unicrow's founders and investors:

0xE78b2b6ccf92B807746f635202d826105591856cTomas Forgac
0x6Aa0d0671828FB7a66e080F06f91B453A696c40FMichele Federici
gpacini.ethGavin Pacini
0x7594932e138f4DD6483035247BF83Aa35823f19bFrank Braun (on behalf of Cypherpunk Guild)
0x8Eb0d2AE207f35Fa32E9CdBF6d38E94223F62550Vaclav Skarka

Gnosis governance contract address is 0x81161454A163EbbA69F153e6919D1f986bbBd791