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Frequently Asked Questions

...more answers will be added on the questions asked in our Discord, via Twitter, or at [email protected].

Which tokens can be used?

Any Arbitrum-deployed ERC20 tokens (and ETH on Arbitrum) can be used in an escrow.

Have your contracts been audited?

Yes, we've undergone a ruthless and thorough audit by AuditOne :-) Find the report here

How is Unicrow better than multisig or MPC?

Thanks to Unicrow's challenge period mechanism, escrows don't require more than one party to withdraw payment from the escrow wihout compromising on security. This creates significantly better user experience, operational efficiency, and security.

Is Unicrow regulated?

According to assessment of our (to be announced) pilot customers, the protocol is not subject to regulations since it is non-custodial.

Will you have a token?

We plan a transition to direct DAO governance, which requires a governance token, so yes.