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Contracts Map

Error codes

0-001EscrowId is zero.
0-002Seller is the zero address.
0-003Seller is also the buyer.
0-004Invalid EscrowId.
0-005You already claimed.
0-006You can't claim.
0-007Only the crow can call this function
0-008Escrow Fee cannot be more than 1%
0-009Marketplace fee can't be 0
0-010You can't send ETH without currency be address 0
1-005The escrow already has consensus.
1-007Buyer+Seller split must be 100%
1-009You need to be a seller or buyer.
1-011Only seller can refund.
1-012Insufficient balance.
1-014Buyer was the last one to challenge.
1-015Seller was the last one to challenge.
1-016The challenge period expired.
1-017There is no settlement ocurring to this escrowId
1-018You aren't validating the last split
1-019Challenge Period hasn’t started yet.
1-020You can't approve your own proposal
1-025Only buyer can release
1-026Escrow Fee can't be more than 100%
1-027Arbitrator can't be seller or buyer

UnicrowArbitrator.sol Errors

2-001Arbitrator is not set for this escrow
2-003You can't approve twice
2-004Only escrow members are allowed to call this function.
2-005Only the arbitrator defined in the escrow can arbitrate it
2-006Arbitrator is already set for this escrow
2-007You are not approving this arbitrator fee
2-008You are not approving this arbitrator address
2-009Arbitrator can't be address 0
2-010Arbitrator can't be buyer or seller

Deployment Addresses